Les Trois Mousquetaires en francais, jours 1 et 2 (English)

So! I’ve decided this is the end of the second day’s post, because I have nothing else to do right now.

We were driving in the car today, and for most of it I either slept or read a romance novel, which probably explains the fact that in two days I’ve reached 10%, rather than the 20% I was aiming for.

But, no problem. On the first day, September 7th, it took me about 4 hours and 8 minutes to read 5% of the book. On September 8th, today, it took me 2 hours and 14 minutes to read 5% of the book. The fact that I almost gave up on looking up words in the dictionary may have contributed to this, but I figure it’s also the random French phrases popping around up in my head.

The interesting thing about reading in French is that I have no idea what’s being said. I get the gist of it though, and I know almost exactly what’s happening at any one moment. I just cannot explain to you, word for word, as I could Much Ado About Nothing, what’s going on. Soon, I will, though. When I first read Much Ado About Nothing I thought it was okay. (Now, of course, it’s the best play ever.)

Math, Biology, and French

Hi. So I know I haven’t been posting often, and frankly I don’t have a good excuse, so we’ll skip over that.

I’m taking the SAT IIs in October, and I have selected Math II, Biology, and French. To be honest, in August the most I really knew about any of these three subjects was the basics: I can get by quite well in basic math (my basic math includes basic trigonometry, quadratic equations, and some functions and logarithms, as well as arithmetic, algebra, geometry. Not permutations or limits or polar thingamajiggers or radians), my biology was literally the basic digestive tract. I had a very good grasp of neuron structure. French? I haven’t spoken it since Madagascar, and I never was up to conversational level.

So maybe I’m crazy. I like to think that, actually, because when I do get an 800 I will remember why I worked so madly.

And I have been. I have read two biology textbooks cover to cover, and have outlined one of them completely, writing down review questions for myself. The second book, an SAT Biology prep book from 2001, is in progress. I’m not worried too much about it being from 2001. A guy reviewed it in 2010 and said it helped him get a 780, so I figure I’ll be fine. A math prep book has been gone through and review questions have been written. If I actually get to review them, I may be able to get above the 620 I got in the practice test.

As to French? That is the fascinating, crazy thing. In India, I was reading The Three Musketeers in French. I think I reached the middle of the first chapter before giving up on the book entirely and devoting myself to romance novels and English, American, and Russian literature. I haven’t gone back to the Three Musketeers, despite that it’s on my reading-now list and has been since January 2012. I think I decided somewhere in my brain that if I didn’t read it in French I wouldn’t read it at all.

So, that’s the plan. I’m planning on reading Les Trois Mousquetaires in French, in its entirety, in ten days. I’ll be updating with my progress on the madness daily, I hope. Probably first thing in the morning to comment on the past day’s endeavors. By the end of the whole thing, I should have, if not fluency, at least a grasp of basic literary French, while maintaining a love of reading.

God help me.