It has been a long time since I posted… hence a few updates before I (try to) post here on a more regular schedule.

College I started (and finished) my first year of college. Soon I’ll declare a mathematics major, and afterward either a computer science major or minor. We’ll see. Thus far I’ve learned Python, first-semester single-variable calculus, and first-semester multivariable calculus. I’m rather annoyed with my math department for not offering a second semester of multivariable calculus, but that’s what studying abroad is for.

Writing Still working on editing Perfume, which I retitled The Tapestry. I’m currently doing a rewrite of the whole book. The entirety has been planned out and I am currently at Chapter 11, at about 29k.

Reading If I had a schedule I’d be behind. As I don’t have a schedule, I can consider that instead I’m woefully unread this year. Currently fighting through Ivanhoe, which would be interesting if I had the patience to sit down and read it in one or two sittings.

Hair I’m growing my hair out and trying to figure out things that make it happy. This includes styles, washing methods, what ingredients work well with it, etc. It’s about 25″ long right now, which puts it at about midback level. Or, according to the LHC’s (and other’s) length markers, about one inch below Bra-Strap Level (BSL). Typically I practice benign neglect with my hair, so I fully anticipate that once the semester starts I’ll forget about it completely.

Languages According to the Parisian language school I went to for two weeks this summer, I’m now at a B2 level in French. I’ll be taking FREN 202 this fall and hopefully that will be at a good level for me… if I’m slightly above where I should be for the class I’m planning on taking Italian. (I’d take Russian or Arabic, honest, but the language will be my fifth course on top of a busy dancing and tutoring schedule, so I’m going for something that will be easier to learn.)

Ballroom Dancing I’m part of the Ballroom Club at Colgate University and am planning to lead it with a good friend by junior year, and just with myself and my dance partner by senior year. So I suppose I ought to start coming up with ideas about now. Thus far I’ve learned enough dances to make it into the auditioned dances.




Les Trois Mousquetaires en francais, jours 1 et 2 (English)

So! I’ve decided this is the end of the second day’s post, because I have nothing else to do right now.

We were driving in the car today, and for most of it I either slept or read a romance novel, which probably explains the fact that in two days I’ve reached 10%, rather than the 20% I was aiming for.

But, no problem. On the first day, September 7th, it took me about 4 hours and 8 minutes to read 5% of the book. On September 8th, today, it took me 2 hours and 14 minutes to read 5% of the book. The fact that I almost gave up on looking up words in the dictionary may have contributed to this, but I figure it’s also the random French phrases popping around up in my head.

The interesting thing about reading in French is that I have no idea what’s being said. I get the gist of it though, and I know almost exactly what’s happening at any one moment. I just cannot explain to you, word for word, as I could Much Ado About Nothing, what’s going on. Soon, I will, though. When I first read Much Ado About Nothing I thought it was okay. (Now, of course, it’s the best play ever.)

Accomplishments #9 and #10

June 30th:

– Finished Return of the King, which was great.
– Also Finished Two Towers, before Return of the King.

July 1st:
– Woke up using Sleep Cycle, which was very fun except for the factt that I stayed in bed 20 minutes over time in order to check out the graphs and such. oops!
– Cleared out my gmail inbox, which does not understand when I delete something in Mail. It’s clean. I’m happy.
– Formatted Perfume for printing.
– Formatted the One-Pass Revision by Holly Lisle into a quick checklist to refer to regularly.


Accomplishments #6 and #7

I forgot to post yesterday, probably because… well I can’t remember. But at any rate.
June 27th:
– Finished College Admission by Robin Mamlet and wrote a review for it on GoodReads.
– Finished Assessment 9a.1
– Reached 57% in Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien

June 28th:
– Finished Assessment 9a.2 and 9b.1
– Reached 75% in Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien
– Sewed the beginning of my two wrap-around skirts
– Grammarchecked my mother’s translation of something for church.

Accomplishments #3 and #4

Yesterday I forgot to post because, quite simply, I thought I already had.

I’m also not sure what my accomplishment was yesterday. oops?

But accomplishment yesterday, so far as I can tell, was etiher:
Reaching 32% in The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien


Testing and finding out that my theory on how to write the Camp Novel is good.


Today, accomplishments include:
1. Finishing 8th Grade Math Review with 77 marks out of 100 on the final assessment. Considering most of the answers were done from memory without actually reading the book, I’m happy with it. When I get a mark below 70 I’ll get worried. Right now, 77 is perfect. (97 would have been better, but this was getting boring).

2. Read Romeo & Juliet. I read this with my friend Bouchra as a sort of race to see who finished first. She finished literally 30 seconds before me. We had breaks, I’m sure, in between, but GAH! 30 seconds?? We’re planning on doing this more often.


You’ll probably be able to tell how happy I am for the day by reading the list of accomplishments. Today there’s more than one.

1. Finished The Fellowship of the Ring. At the same time this makes me sad because I will definitely beat my brother in our reading race (he’s reading part of the Anne of Green Gables series and I’m reading The Lord of the Rings series in order to force ourselves to expand our reading horizons.) Winner gets $100 from the loser. As I’m more concerned with not losing my hundred dollars, this contest does not make me particularly happy, since I have no wish to deprive my brother of $100. Still, I made the bet, and I have no intention of giving up $100, so I guess I’ll have to win.


I think I’ve figured out how the July novel will be written:
1. Grab a random noun or verb generator (or a list of peoples’ words for the year) (This would include oneword.com, but as they only offer one word a day, I need to branch out)
2. Write on that word for 1 minute.
3. Move on to another word OR expand on that one word.
4. (Remember to save the word’s output in Scrivener)
5. Write the characters, year, and main plot point on the index card in Scrivener.
6. At the end of the day, organize things all prettily, draw conclusions, make chapters, etc.

I think it will fit perfectly with the title, Inklings, and also the nature of how this story is coming into being.