Edits and Sophomore Year

It’s almost halfway through the sophomore fall semester at Colgate, and there’s a lot of new updates:

  • The Tapestry first draft is finished, edits are going forward.
  • I’m going to Wales in Spring 2016
  • I’m now officially a mathematics and computer science double major.
  • I’m planning a new novel.

The Tapestry

A writer friend read through the entire book and gave me some great critiques for fixing the ending. The book will be ready for beta readers by the beginning of November, then I’ll hopefully have final edits and perhaps another beta finished by February, when I’m hoping to actually publish. But we’ll see. I was going to finish the book completely so many times before this.

The new book

The new book is only just now being planned. It’s based on a Blackfoot Indian legend, and the setting is based in the Arctic. This is actually for a class, and I am outlining the entire novel (or at least creating some type of query package) by the end of the semester.


Number theory is fascinating, calculus 2 is boring me, and my other classes range in levels of fascination. More to come, if I feel like it.

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