Accomplishments #3 and #4

Yesterday I forgot to post because, quite simply, I thought I already had.

I’m also not sure what my accomplishment was yesterday. oops?

But accomplishment yesterday, so far as I can tell, was etiher:
Reaching 32% in The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien


Testing and finding out that my theory on how to write the Camp Novel is good.


Today, accomplishments include:
1. Finishing 8th Grade Math Review with 77 marks out of 100 on the final assessment. Considering most of the answers were done from memory without actually reading the book, I’m happy with it. When I get a mark below 70 I’ll get worried. Right now, 77 is perfect. (97 would have been better, but this was getting boring).

2. Read Romeo & Juliet. I read this with my friend Bouchra as a sort of race to see who finished first. She finished literally 30 seconds before me. We had breaks, I’m sure, in between, but GAH! 30 seconds?? We’re planning on doing this more often.

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