My Desk

My Desk


Please welcome my desk.

It’s terribly messy, but it’s functional and I don’t have to get up from my chair, which makes life… perfect.

From left to right, on the wall:

  • A lamp. Not plugged it]n, doesn’t work, but it’s here just in case I ever feel the need to try it out. Again.
  • reddish pink sticky note old formula for learning things… haven’t removed it yet.
  • orange sticky note reads… The price of SELF-DISCIPLINE is always less than the pain of REGRET. GET IT DONE.
  • pink sticky note holds break activities (read library books, read literature, add music to iPod, Internet, check mail), and my personality type (ISTJ) because I always forget it.
  • The memopad note between the stickynotes The limitation of my activities to participating in a Howrse breeding group (this is limited, but necessary as I made a commitment way back when), writing Camp NaNoWriMo novel, doing literature or history tests, reading literature books, history textbooks, or creating an outline/timeline.
  • The three memopad notes underneath The things I have to do… the first one is from Saturday, the second from Sunday, and the third from today. Since I didn’t finish Saturday/Sunday’s work, they’re still there.
  • sheet taped to the wall the schedule, also says PUSH-UPS EVERYTIME YOU GET THE URGE TO SURF
  • Big notebook with pink writing. It says April 12, 2013 I CHOOSE ENJOYMENT. I CHOOSE TO PASS THE EQUIVALENCY EXAMS. I choose to let go of the FEAR OF SUCCESS. I choose to let go of the FEAR OF FAILURE. I choose to let go of the QUASI-NEED FOR PLEASURE. I CHOOSE TO WORK.

From left to right on the desk, first ‘line’

  • A stack of books which holds most of the books I’m currently studying from. It works as a place to stick all the things I don’t need at this moment, but will  need soon. On the top is a notebook, on the bottom is a red physics manual.
  • My waterbottle. I try to drink 4 bottles full a day.
  • Golden pen holder thing. Holds a broken highlighter (which has sticky bookmark things), my fountain pen, a pen from my aunt, and every once in a while my blue pen (to the left of the base of the water bottle) and my pencil (just to the left of the laptop).
  • Chapstick and lint-free cloth. For lips and glasses.
  • Laptop. The thingamajig extraordinaire itself. Program onscreen is Alarm Clock 2 and Notational Velocity
  • Tablet and tablet pen Much nicer than a mouse or trackpad.
  • Collection of papers, project list, quick to-do list, and a tissue. Also sticky-note pad, orange.

Left to right on the desk, ‘second’ line:

  • tape for putting up memopad notes and sticking sticky notes better
  • history tests
  • memopad for taking notes of people I need to look up.
  • history textbook, open at page 52.
  • a memopad sheet I need to throw out.
  • highlighters
  • and, underneath, a Rudyard Kipling book in Romanian because I was going to read it. A long time ago.

If I really want, I can make the desk look clean, too:

2013-04-22 10.05.54


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