Big Thing Challenge: Day 2

I apologize for not posting yesterday with updates. I was late getting back from Tae Kwon Do and I was more interested in sleep.

But, anyway. A learning experience both yesterday and today. I am feeling apathy. I’ve been slacking for two days, yet I don’t care. This is normal. I’ll go through periods of crazy-you’re-going-to-kill-yourself work, and periods of ‘okay, I am going to do this,’ and periods of ‘you could shoot me and I still wouldn’t do this.’

I’m in the last of these categories, and while days are whizzing by (36, if I’ve counted correctly),  I’m still thinking along the lines of present comfort, not future serendipity.


Update yesterday: very little work done. I got barely got through the outlining stages, because I couldn’t think of any literature that had mutual respect in a friendship in it. Except for Gilgamesh. And I didn’t read that. I googled, but that didn’t help much.

Update today: The big challenge was to finish Ion Creangă’s Amintiri din Copilărie, but that didn’t work out very well. Suffice it to say, I put it off shamelessly and didn’t get more than 10% through the book.

The big thing(s) tomorrow?

Write a rough draft of the friendship essay.

Finish the book.

It’s two things, but that will help.

Firstly, I’ll watch a bit of a Romanian interview which will prime me for re-understanding Romanian first thing in the morning. Then I’ll read the book until I reach page 50, after which I’ll turn to the friendship essay and, if I have to, make up examples. After all, not everyone read EVERYTHING on the planet. And then back to the book, then back to the essay, until it’s finished.

Should I actually do this, I give myself full permission to babble incoherently and watch Sword in the Stone.


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