Productivity Challenge Day 1: A Learning Experience

I can’t remember who said it– Sun Tzu or some Greek general– but no battle plan survives contact with the enemy.

And boy is it true. I woke up this morning and instead of going straight to prayers and getting dressed and reading some of my history book (the easiest, most relaxing patr of my studies), I lazed in bed, found a book on my iPod (in English), and basically wasted away the entire morning.

… yes, it’s a bit sad. But, like I mentioned yesterday– nothing, absolutely nothing, will make me do something unless a) I want to do it, b) I’m heartily bored of everything else.

In the end, boredom drove me to do some schoolwork. Not much. A bit of history, a bit of outlining, answering some biology questions, doing part of a literature test, and reading more of the history book.

Total work time: 2:05:56

Total internet time: 1:09:12 <- points to me

Total events added to timeline: 1.

Total essays written: 0.

The upside about all of this is that, when 4pm hit, I crashed against an idea I probably should have had ages ago. Instead of working in huge chunks (which I’ve found, over the years, don’t work for me), I should be working in small chunks.

So, here goes. Tomorrow, every hour on the hour, I’ll do 20 minutes of work. With the exception of meal times, from 7am to 9pm I will be doing these 20 minutes of work. The other 40 minutes are mine to do with as I please. 

All I have to do is break through the barrier of not wanting to do anything. I’ll extend the chunks as needed.


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