A New Challenge

A good friend of mine is doing this, and I figure it’s a great way to get productive. At least, it’s working for her. 😀

The problem with me is that while any productivity system will work wonderfully for a period of time… in the end the only thing I fall back on time and again is the motivation or the self-discipline to make it work. Productivity systems… do not work for me.

So. Here it is. I have 44 days until May 7th, when I’ll be heading out to Romania. (Actually May 8th or so, but I figure that 44 days is better than 45). That is just over 7 weeks.

I’m going to commit to 5 hours of work a day for the rest of March. After that, I’ll take a short break on Monday, assimilate things, and add on another hour. I’ll be spending no more than 2 hours on the internet a day. I’ll reduce this further in April.

I’ll also be aiming for:

  • 2 short essays a day
  • 1 long essay a day
  • 10 events added to the timeline a day

2 responses

  1. Sounds awesome!

    I wish you the best with this challenge. Will you be documenting it on this blog?

    I’m also curious to know what you mean by 10 events added to the timeline 😀 (… the only thing I can think of is Facebook Timelines 😛 …)

    All the best,

    • Yes, otherwise I’d have one more reason not to do it! xD

      Oh, sorry. I’m always convinced people can read my mind. Since I’m studying history, there are a lot of events I need to keep track of. Writing them down and organizing them in a timeline helps me remember them.

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