How My Studies are like Novel-Planning

((I am throwing out the schedule.))

How my studies are like novel-planning:

Biology. This takes the place of world-building. My usual approach is to figure out the bare minimum that will allow me to get by without having to pause in the middle and think, “Wait… are these people Asian or European so I know what they look like.” That, literally, is about the extent of world-building. 


Physics. The magic system. “Um… it looks like this and this is what it does and it’s vaguely based on…” *looks around wildly* “PENS!” Wait, no, pens don’t have magic. Everyone would be making pens. Um… um… um… “TREES!” Trees is good. Okay. Cool. So what’s the outcome of this?


which leads into…


History. The story. The lovely plot. The interesting part that allows for the broad, sweeping, thoughtless actions of my characters. There is extrinsic motivation, just the way I like it. Not like…


Literature. Character feelings and motivation. Ugh. Intrinsic stuff. Figuring out the little nit-picky details… knowing out what they like and dislike and the symbolism of the fact that Jenny likes green beans as opposed to peas… not for me. (Translated to literature… the reason that ‘night’ is used more than ‘day’ in a particular poem and how the metaphor of sparks translates to cloud formations…)

What’s school like for you?


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