… considering the fact that I am happiest when productive, it’s a wonder that I don’t post these things on time.

Perhaps it’s a certain type of productivity, or perhaps I don’t feel that writing down random thoughts on random subjects to be productive. Or perhaps I get lazy.

At any rate, at some point I shall fix it.

I mentioned that I am happiest when productive. This is not a random statement. It has been carefully studied over a period of 69 days, using a wonderful little gadget called Illuum.

The entire point of the app is to figure out what makes you happy. You input how happy you’re feeling based on a number from 1 to 9 (9 being happiest), and then you write down what you did that day.

This is what I’ve found:

  • I’ve been happy 52 days of 69, sad 1 of 69, and middling-well 16 days of 69.
  • My happiest day of the week is Sunday (possibly because it’s my only break day.)
  • My saddest day of the week is Friday (can’t think why)
  • I’m happiest when I have finished a task, went [gone] somewhere, or watched something.

What have you found?


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