Firstly, I’m sorry for not updating. I turned 18 on Wednesday, which is no excuse not to update on Friday, but I have a talent, lately, for going a bit ballistic around my birthday. We’ll skip over that.

Since reaching Romania, I’ve been waking up really late (not much like me), going to bed late (a bit like me), and not making to-do lists and not doing things on time.

I turned 18, I was a bit in shock at this thing called ‘adulthood,’ which everyone seems to understand but no longer require of me.

Two days ago, sitting at dinner alone, staring at a slice of pepper (I hate raw pepper, whether red or yellow or green). This one was a bit off white, apparently being ‘green’ in Romania. I was just staring at it, because it was the last slice.

At first I thought, “No. I’m not going to eat it.”

Then, I realized. “Hey. I’m an adult. When I’m living alone, no one can make me eat my vegetables except me. And I need to eat my vegetables. Be an adult. Eat the damn pepper slice.”

And I ate it. Every bit of it. And I was proud of myself.

Today, I ate spinach AND sunnnyside up eggs. I hate both of those too. I always thought I was a non-picky eater, until I realized just how many foods I’ve decided I don’t like.

Why did I eat them? Because I’m 18, and an adult, and I can’t be a picky eater any more. I don’t have that privilege.

I’ve managed to transfer that from eating the food that’s in front of me to showing up to work every day.

What is work, exactly? Work is the goals I have set for myself. Work is from 9 to 5 (it’s extended during December— I get to work overtime because of MilWordy finishing up). Work is done every day except Sunday. (Except this December, because I need to finish MilWordy.)

I’ve been searching for my word for 2013. (This year, 2012, it was growth— growing up, learning about myself, making smart decisions, learning about the world.)

This year, the word is adulthood. Making the right long-term decisions. Showing up for work.

What is your word for 2013, and what have your past words been?


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