The really interesting thing about NaNoWriMo this yeear is that I’d decided I wasn’t going to try to write another novel on the 23rd.

What happens next is that two days later I start getting this itch. I made a map, you see, of the world of my Camp NaNos this year. In June, when I wrote Perfume, I had the idea for the stories of two other characters, dubbed them sequels, and wrote the first sequel, Incense, in August. I was going to write the third, Spice, in November, but that fell through as I wasn’t feeling very enthusiastic about it.

Well, now I’ve started Spice, and instead of making it my priority, it’s my reward for all the other work I’m doing in writing blog posts, selecting pictures, reading Silent Spring (one of the most depressing books I’ve ever encountered), and clearing out my e-mail archives and action folders. I started this on the 27th, so we’ll see how far I can get in writing it by the 30th.

I find it fascinating that my brain, once I tell it it’s not allowed to write at all suddenly comes up with all sorts of ideas. What would happen if I didn’t allow myself to write on Wednesdays, for instance? Or I could only write on Sundays? I can’t wait to experiment on this in December, or perhaps even 2013.

I’ve experimented before, but I’ve never actually put that name on it before. I’ve found that if I only allow myself to do push-ups every other day, I can’t wait for my push-up days. (This plateaus at about 7 push-ups though, when I start getting angry at the fact that past 8, I start collapsing). It would be fascinating to see what bearing this has on writing.

What sort of experiments do you conduct in your own writing?


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  1. After I decided that I wasn’t going to make 100k my goal for NaNo, I actually felt better and stopped feeling so drained. Then I started coming up with ideas again, and they’re not as bad as the ones I came up with when I forced myself to think. It’s nice, isn’t it?

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