Not Just About Writing

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for the lateness of this post– we had no internet for a couple of days, which meant I had no way to put this up. 🙂 To make up for this, there should be another post on Monday.

Now, I suppose, is a good time to explain that this will not be a blog just about writing. I don’t write obsessively every single month. In fact, this is probably the first, last, and only time I will ever write this many words in one month (about 148k so far).

You see, I’m on a trip. My family and I are traveling the world, and in January, that time ends. On January 22nd, I will be back home.

Starting on February 1st, I will begin to study in earnest for medical school in Romania. To get into medical school, I need to pass a test on Romanian History, Romanian Literature, Biology, and Physics or Organic Chemistry. I have till early May to study all this, and then my mom and I go to Romania to start finding documents and taking tests and such.

To prepare before February, though, I have to read lots of Romanian literature (basically, I have to do the Romanian equivalent of what I’ve been doing in English for five years).

This will hopefully get much easier as I go along. Romanian, though I’ve been speaking it almost every day since I was a baby, is unfortunately my second language. I think in English 95% of the time. There is hope, though. Every once in a while I dream in Romanian, and if I spend enough time with people who speak Romanian (about 5-10 hours a day for 3 days), I start thinking (slowly) in Romanian.

So, what does this mean in relation to this blog?

Well, I made a list. Of all the projects I have going on. The list looked like this:

  1. NaNoWriMo
  2. MilWordy (writing 1 million words in a year– I’m behind schedule)
  3. Updating RTW blog (
  4. Updating mino wrimos
  5. Posting worlds (
  6. Reading Romanian books
  7. Simplifying laptop
  8. Writing book reviews/reading English books

I organized it, afterward, in order of the time I had left to complete each of these things, and then in order by how badly I wanted to do these things, and finally, by their long-term importance.

And here’s what I found out. I don’t really want to do anything but simplify my laptop. And all the things that are ‘urgent’ have no place on the long-term importance list. (Except for simplifying my laptop, which is going to be very nice when I have only a few important files on it, and will leave a lot of gigabytes free for me to put to better use.)

So, I’m getting to the point. What are the three most important projects?

  1. Reading Romanian books.
  2. Updating the RTW blog.
  3. Simplifying laptop.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop updating here. I’ll update every Thursday that I have internet (if I don’t have internet, the new post will show up before that Monday, and if I really don’t have internet at all, you all get bi-weekly posts until I catch up. 🙂 ). I’ll probably need my readers for motivation.

But another thing that won’t happen is that I won’t start talking about characters most of you have never heard of.

I’ll keep writing (I look forward to Camp NaNo next year, and we’ll see if I can do the Gumption Challenge), it’s just not going to be the biggest part of my life for a while.

Which things are most important in your life right now?


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